Protecting what matters most to you…

Personal & Business Risk Management & Planning

Personal & Business Risk Management and Planning

Protecting what is important, to you…

Prosperity Systems Limited specialises in comprehensive Personal & Business Risk Management and Planning.

Personal Risk Planning is about identifying what is most important to you and your loved ones. It’s often something we really don’t want to think about. I meet many people who say to me (after knowing them some time), that they are pleased that they had heard from me. They often say, later “We were always going to get around to doing this… thanks for rattling the cage!”.

Our role is developing an insurance program that seeks to protect you and those you love against the financial effects of premature death and sudden illness.

Business Risk Planning applies the same techniques – after all, a business supports a wide range of people, not only its owners, but also its employees. So, protecting your business as effectively as possible provides protection for those things that matter most, you and your loved ones.

Why our people do business with us:

Nobody likes paying for insurance…

Nobody wants to ever claim on it. Nobody wants to crash their car or to have their house burn down, to get sick and go to hospital, to be unable to work, or to die. We all hope we’re probably wasting our money.

But it does cost hard-earned money, so it is utterly essential that your insurance planning WILL DELIVER when it is needed – the RIGHT amount of money, to the RIGHT people, for the RIGHT reasons. In this way, you are able to protect those you love from financial harm, even from ruin.

What we do for our people is to make sure that:

  • They only have the insurance that they need.
  • They only have it for as long as they need it,
  • They get covered at the fairest possible price available, and
  • That their position is regularly reviewed to make sure all the above remains valid!
  • Basically, it comes down to accurate & logical estate planning, and that is what we specialise in.

Ensuring Your Business Survival

What to do to provide enough money…

  • When a business partner dies, to buy the bank out (pay off loans)
  • To buy the partner’s share from the estate (buy the shares back)
  • To keep everything afloat if a key person can’t work (cash flow support)
  • To strengthen your relationship with your employees, by offering affordable group insurance (personal level insurance, such as medical)

Ensuring Your Family’s Survival

What to do to provide enough money…

  • To leave the family financial secure if you die prematurely
  • To meet all your needs when you or a family member suffers a serious illness
  • To provide an on-going income if you are unable to work
  • To get you medical treatment without delay, if the public system can’t help you

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